Sports Personality of the Year

After Andy Murray’s epic victory in the US Open, my Twitter timeline is awash with tweets saying how impossible it is to pick a winner of the BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

I cannot remember a year when their have been so many truly worthy candidates. Bradley Wiggins; David Weir; Sarah Storey; Mo Farah; Jessica Ennis and of course Andy Murray himself.

So how to resolve this conundrum? I suggest we do not even try to pick one from that incredible list. To do so would be invidious. I believe that the BBC should give the award collectively to a group, who for nothing more than their love of sport contributed so much to ensure that the Olympics and Paralympics were such a huge success?

I am referring of course to the Games Makers. Whether based at the sporting venues or miles from the action in airports and stations, they worked long hours often performing unglamorous tasks; they were always cheerful, never officious and won the praise of athletes and spectators from every corner of the globe. That these games have been acknowledged universally as the best ever is largely down to their extraordinary endeavours.

So instead of trying to make an impossible choice, let us honour those seventy thousand volunteers and award them our unanimous vote as sports personalities of the year.

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