To mark the publication of my first book, ROUND IN CIRCLES, The Story of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s CAROUSEL, I have renamed and revamped my website. Whilst I will continue to blog about the things that interest me, I also want to share some of my experiences over the twelve years I spent writing the book and to talk further about some of the incredible people I encountered along the way.

The first such piece is, “It Seemed a Good Idea at the Time”.

Music has played an important part in my life since childhood, particularly musical theatre, something I inherited from my parents.  My tastes though, go much further, so I enjoy listening to all kinds of music from Beethoven and Brahms to the Beatles and Buddy Holly.   I am an avid reader and a keen amateur photographer.

I am fascinated by politics, though I find myself appalled at the state of the current, global political landscape.

I am also a lifelong Spurs fan.

When something excites me I like to express my feelings, and this blog hopefully, will enable me to share those thoughts with a wider audience.

I do hope you find it interesting.

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